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What is the Best Way to Stop House Repossession?

Stopping house repossession by selling your house in the UK is one option to consider if you're facing financial difficulties and struggling to keep up with mortgage payments.

Selling your house voluntarily can help you avoid the stress and negative consequences of repossession proceedings. Here are some steps you can take to sell your house and prevent repossession:

Act Quickly: Time is of the essence when facing repossession. As soon as you realize you’re unable to meet mortgage payments, start exploring your options for selling your house. The sooner you act, the more control you’ll have over the process, and the more likely you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you.

Seek Professional Advice: Consult with a reputable estate agent or property expert who specializes in selling houses quickly. They can provide valuable guidance on pricing your property competitively, marketing it effectively, and attracting potential buyers. Additionally, consider seeking advice from a financial advisor or solicitor who can help you navigate the legal and financial aspects of selling your house to avoid repossession.

Consider Alternative Sales Options: In some cases, traditional property sales methods may take too long to prevent repossession. Explore alternative options such as selling your house to a cash buyer such are ourselves. We provide a faster and more certain way to stop repossession and relieve you of financial burdens.

Negotiate with Your Lender: Inform your mortgage lender about your plans to sell the house voluntarily to avoid repossession. They may be willing to work with you to delay repossession proceedings while you try to sell the property. Open communication and transparency with your lender can help you find mutually beneficial solutions and prevent repossession.

Remember to act quickly, seek professional advice, and explore all available options when selling your house to prevent repossession. By taking proactive steps and working closely with experts, you can increase your chances of successfully stopping house repossession and protecting your financial future. 

The Best and Easiest way to stop house repossession is by selling it to a Cash house buying company.

What are cash buying companies?

Cash house buying companies, also known as real estate investment companies or cash home buyers, are businesses that purchase homes directly from homeowners for cash. These companies offer a quick and hassle-free way to sell a house, often closing deals in a matter of weeks.

As you can imagine, not all home buyers who use cash to buy property are trustworthy. Some simply act on other organisations behalf and may charge extra fees for services such as arranging surveys. At SellTo there are no hidden fees or expenses, and we guarantee that you will receive the final quoted price for your property in full.

Why Do Houses Get Repossessed?

Houses can get repossessed for various reasons, but financial difficulties leading to mortgage arrears are the primary cause.

When homeowners fail to make their mortgage payments on time or fall into arrears, lenders may initiate repossession proceedings to recover the outstanding debt. Financial challenges that may contribute to mortgage arrears and eventual repossession include job loss, reduced income, illness, divorce, or other unexpected expenses. In some cases, homeowners may struggle to keep up with mortgage payments due to high interest rates, changes in financial circumstances, or inadequate financial planning.

Another common reason for house repossession is the inability to sell the property for an amount that covers the outstanding mortgage balance. If homeowners are unable to sell their property at a price that covers the mortgage debt, they may face repossession if they cannot make up the shortfall. This situation can arise due to declining property values, economic downturns, or unfavorable market conditions. In such cases, homeowners may find themselves trapped in a cycle of debt, unable to sell their property and facing repossession as a result.

Moreover, irresponsible borrowing practices and excessive debt can also lead to house repossession. Taking out mortgages beyond one’s means, relying heavily on credit, or accumulating other debts can strain household finances and increase the risk of mortgage default and repossession. Irresponsible borrowing behavior, coupled with inadequate financial management and planning, can exacerbate financial difficulties and make it challenging for homeowners to maintain their mortgage payments. As a result, houses may be repossessed when borrowers are unable to manage their debt effectively or make timely payments, ultimately leading to financial distress and repossession.

Why use a cash house buyer to Stop Repossession?

There is several reasons why you would choose us to help stop the repossession of your property.

Quick Sale Process. 
One of the main reasons why sellers choose to work with cash house buyers is because of the quick sale process. When you sell your property for cash, you can typically close the deal within a matter of weeks, rather than waiting months for a traditional sale to go through. Even then, sales have the habit of falling through at the last minute. A Fast Sale an be extremely beneficial if you are in a rush to sell your property which will avoid repossession of your property. 

Cash Offer. 
We provide cash offers, eliminating the need for mortgage approvals and reducing the risk of the deal falling through. 

Avoid property chains.
One of the major advantages of selling your house to a cash house buyer is the ability to avoid property chains. Property chains can be problematic and stressful, as they involve multiple buyers and sellers all relying on each other to complete their transactions. If one link in the chain breaks, it can cause delays or even collapse the entire sale. By working with a cash house buyer, you can eliminate the risks associated with property chains and ensure a smooth and quick sale process. 

As-Is Purchases. 
They usually buy properties in their current condition, meaning homeowners don’t need to make repairs or improvements. This can be particularly appealing to sellers with homes that require significant repairs.

No need for estate agent fees. 
When you sell your house to a cash house buyer, you can avoid the need for estate agency fees. Traditional property sales often involve hiring an estate agent to market your property, conduct viewings, and negotiate with potential buyers. These services typically come with a fee that is usually a percentage of the final sale price. 

In Summary:  
Speed: The process is much quicker compared to traditional sales.
Certainty: Cash buyers don’t need financing, reducing the chances of the deal falling through.
Convenience: Homeowners don’t need to stage their homes, host open houses, or make repairs.
Flexibility: Companies can work around the seller’s timeline and needs. 

If you are in arrears with your mortgage and under the threat of repossession, do not panic. Your lender simply wants you to clear any debt which means you must act straight away. Failure to do so may result in court action as the lender seeks possession.​ Be Prompt, act quickly and contact us

How our Cash house buying service works

FAST Cash Sale
Sell in 7-28 Days
BEST Prices Paid
No Estate Agents Fees
ZERO Legal Fees
ZERO Stress
Step 1
Get in Touch
Contact our professional house buying team to discuss your property to receive your offer.
Step 2
Receive your Offer
After an independent valuation, we will make you a free, no-obligation cash offer for your house.
Step 3
Completion Date
If you choose to accept our formal cash offer, you decide the date for sale completion that best suits your needs.
Step 4
Get Paid
On your chosen completion date, the house sale is legally completed and the money is transferred to you.

How much money will I get from a cash buyer?

The amount of money you will get from a cash buyer for your house typically depends on several factors. While cash buyers offer speed and convenience, their offers are often lower than what you might get through a traditional sale. Here are the key factors that influence the amount you will receive:

Market Value of the Home:
The current market value of your home is a significant determinant. Cash buyers often offer a percentage of the market value, generally between 70-90%, depending on various factors.

Condition of the Property
Homes in need of significant repairs or renovations will generally receive lower offers. Cash buyers account for the cost of repairs when determining their offer.

Properties in desirable locations may receive higher offers compared to those in less desirable areas.

Market Conditions:
The state of the real estate market (buyer’s market vs. seller’s market) can impact offers. In a seller’s market, you might get a better offer due to higher demand.

If you need to sell quickly, you might accept a lower offer for the convenience and speed of the transaction. 

Typical Offer Range

Cash buyers typically offer 85% of the home's market value. Here’s a breakdown of what this might look like:

Estate agent (6-9 months)SellTo (7-28 days)
Original advertised price£100,000N/A
Agreed purchase price£95,000£85,000
Estate agent fees-£2160 (average)£0.00
Ongoing mortgage payments-£3000 (6 months average)£0.00
Solicitors & legal fees-£700 (average)£0.00
Renovation, repairs & maintenance-£1000 (typical)£0.00
Council tax-£800 (average)£0.00
Net price achieved£84,340£85,000
We pay up to 85% of the market value of your property; the amount depends on your property details and location.
Market Value 85%

How long does a cash house sale take in the UK?

In the UK, a cash house sale is faster than a traditional property sale due to the absence of mortgage approval processes and potentially fewer complications.

With current time on market, averaging out at 9 weeks across the UK and conveyancing times taking over 21 weeks, the need for a buy my home now service is rising significantly.

As a house buying company, we have our own cash and don’t need to arrange any mortgages in order to purchase your property. This allows us to buy your cash in a matter of weeks. 

We buy any house for cash in the UK

In the UK, a cash house sale is faster than a traditional property sale due to the absence of mortgage approval processes and potentially fewer complications.

If you’re looking for a cash house buyers, you might be wondering whether we can buy a house in your area? Then you’ll be happy to know we offer our sell house for cash service across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. 

Interested in moving forward? Then please complete our contact from here and we look forward to assisting you.