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Can I Sell my Inherited Property?

Yes you can sell your inherited home to SellTo. We will make the process as quick and as simple as we can.

The passing of a loved one means dealing with a lot more than grief. In instances where a deceased person leaves behind an inheritance, the beneficiary has to face the decision of what to do with it. An inherited property is something that you may have to deal with following the death of a relative or friend. Selling an inherited home can be a long and arduous process with a lot to consider, during a difficult time. 

Why sell an Inherited Property?

Selling an inherited property can be a practical decision for several reasons, balancing emotional and financial considerations. Here's why you might choose to sell:

Financial Benefits
Immediate Cash Flow: Selling the property can provide a significant lump sum of money, which can be used to pay off debts, invest in other opportunities, or enhance your financial stability.
Avoiding Maintenance Costs: Inherited properties often require ongoing maintenance, repairs, and property taxes. Selling the property eliminates these recurring expenses, which can be burdensome, especially if the property is older or in disrepair.

Simplified Management
Ease of Management: Managing a property, especially from a distance, can be time-consuming and stressful. If you have a busy lifestyle or live far from the inherited property, selling it can simplify your responsibilities and reduce stress.
Avoiding Tenant Issues: If the inherited property is a rental, dealing with tenants, lease agreements, and potential vacancies can be complex. Selling the property can alleviate these management challenges.

Emotional Considerations
Closure: An inherited property can carry emotional weight, especially if it was the home of a loved one. Selling it can provide a sense of closure and help you move forward, while preserving memories without the ongoing emotional burden.
Dispute Resolution: If multiple heirs are involved, selling the property and dividing the proceeds can be a fair and straightforward way to avoid potential conflicts and disputes among family members.

Selling an inherited property can provide immediate financial benefits, simplify management responsibilities, and offer emotional closure. By converting the property into liquid assets, you can better align your financial situation with your current needs and goals, while potentially avoiding the complexities and costs associated with maintaining or renting out the property.

How can I Sell my Inherited Property Fast?

If you need an extremely fast sale, consider selling to a property buying company such as SellTo.

We buy specialise in quick purchases and can offer the convenience of a fast, no hassle cash transaction.

At SellTo we know how difficult it is to sell a house quickly, which is why we have found a way for homeowners to speed up the process.

We know you have a lot of options for how to sell your inherited property quickly, but we believe our service is the most efficient service you’ll find out there.
Below we highlight why it can make sense to choose us over a traditional estate agent.


For you if speed of sale is important.


You may simply be looking for a quick and secure sale in the least amount of time possible. You may also not wish to deal with estate agents, viewings, mortgages falling through and buyers messing them about. We offer both cash purchase and auction solution. Auctions have evolved considerably in recent years and people like you are now getting amazing results. Here at SellTo, we can get your property listed in days and we ensure all properties that we send to auction get the very best exposure. The beauty of the auction service is that once the hammer falls, the buyer is obliged to complete. Failure to do so results in heavy financial penalties (hence why buyers complete the sale quickly.) So if you are looking for a fast cash sale or quick auction sale, contact us today.


Could be for you if you want to sell slowly.


Selling through traditional estate agents is the most common approach but is often the slowest option available. The entire process can take around six months from the moment the property is listed to completion. Of course, this does depend on the location and the condition of your property. Some estate agents may have great track records that can help get your property sold eventually, but the timeline is unlikely to suit you. Additionally, estate agents typically charge a percentage of the final sale price between 1-3% as their commission, which can equate to quite a substantial fee. But don’t forget to factor in the additional costs like solicitors or any refurbishments required to get the property sold. So not only is it a long process but quite costly too.

Our Service SAVES you in fees and costs

Compare a typical £100k property sale in this table.

Once you total up the costs of sale and time delays; the difference may not be as much as you would expect.
Estate agent (6-9 months)SellTo (7-28 days)
Original advertised price£100,000N/A
Agreed purchase price£95,000£85,000
Estate agent fees-£2160 (average)£0.00
Ongoing mortgage payments-£3000 (6 months average)£0.00
Solicitors & legal fees-£700 (average)£0.00
Renovation, repairs & maintenance-£1000 (typical)£0.00
Council tax-£800 (average)£0.00
Net price achieved£84,340£85,000
We pay up to 85% of the market value of your property; the amount depends on your property details and location.
Market Value 85%

How our Cash property buying service works

FAST Cash Sale
Sell in 7-28 Days
BEST Prices Paid
No Estate Agents Fees
ZERO Legal Fees
ZERO Stress
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After an independent valuation, we will make you a free, no-obligation cash offer for your property.
Step 3
Completion Date
If you choose to accept our formal cash offer, you decide the date for sale completion that best suits your needs.
Step 4
Get Paid
On your chosen completion date, the property sale is legally completed and the money is transferred to you.