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Reasons for Sale

We have written several guides in order to help you navigate the process of selling your home. Below are some of the common issues we come across as property buying professionals.

Sell A Tenanted Property

Yes, you can sell your property with sitting tenants, but it requires careful consideration of legal, financial, and practical aspects. Selling your property with sitting tenants can be a strategic and beneficial decision for several reasons.  Learn More

Sell Commercial Property and/or Land

Selling your commercial property can be a strategic decision driven by various financial and personal motivations. We buy all kinds of Commercial Properties. Contact us today and let us know what you have. Learn More

Sell During or After Probate

When a person passes away, their assets will enter a process known as probate. Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is administered and distributed according to their will or, if no will exists, according to the laws of intestacy. You can sell your probate property to SellTo. We will make the process as quick and as simple as we can. Learn More

Sell An Inherited House

In instances where a deceased person leaves behind an inheritance, the beneficiary has to face the decision of what to do with it. Selling an inherited property can be a practical decision for several reasons, balancing emotional and financial considerations. You can sell your inherited home to SellTo. We will make the process as quick and as simple as we can. Learn More

Selling UK Property From Abroad

Yes, you can sell your house from abroad, but it requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transaction. Selling a house can be a complex process, but there are ways to simplify it, depending on your priorities such as speed, convenience, and financial return. Learn More

Selling House Without Spousal Consent

Selling a house without your spouse’s signature in the UK depends on the ownership status of the property and any applicable legal rights. Sole ownership might allow you to sell without their consent, but matrimonial home rights could complicate this. Joint ownership definitely requires both signatures. Learn More

Selling a House During or After A Divorce

Selling a property after divorce or separation can be a complex process, as it involves both emotional and legal considerations. Are you looking for a quick resolution to your situation? We can make a complex situation simpler. Learn More

Stop House Repossession

Stopping house repossession by selling your house in the UK is one option to consider if you’re facing financial difficulties and struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. Selling your house voluntarily can help you avoid the stress and negative consequences of repossession proceedings. Learn More

Sell a Problem Property

A problem property will have a major defect, fault or issue; usually with its structure or immediate environment. Subsidence, dry rot, building works without planning permission, damp and Japanese Knotweed can all constitute a problem property. Selling a problem property to SellTo can offer a quick and convenient solution for homeowners facing various challenges with their property. Learn More

Sell A Property Portfolio

SellTo are active buyers of residential, mixed-use and commercial property portfolios across the UK. We also work with an auction platform that’s well capacitated for selling property portfolios to the UK’s largest database of private investors. Learn More

Broken House Sale Chain

When the chain breaks in a property sale, it can be a stressful and uncertain time for homeowners. Whether due to a buyer pulling out, a failed survey, or unforeseen circumstances, the need to sell quickly becomes paramount. In such situations, turning to SellTo can provide a reliable solution. Learn More

Retirement Sale

Selling your property quickly for retirement to a cash buying company can be a practical and efficient solution to secure the funds you need without the typical delays associated with traditional property sales. Cash buying companies such as SellTo specialise in fast transactions, often completing the sale within a few weeks. Learn More

Clear Mortgage Arrears (By Selling Your Property)

Dealing with mortgage arrears can be a daunting and stressful experience, but taking prompt and proactive steps can help you manage the situation effectively. Clearing mortgage arrears by selling to a cash buying company is a practical solution that can help you quickly resolve your financial difficulties and avoid the risk of repossession. Learn More

Sell My Flat Quickly

We will buy your flat quickly, whilst taking all the stress and hassle out of the process and even covering your solicitors fees. We can offer you an alternative to a traditional open market sale with our sell your flat fast service. Learn More

Sell My House For Cash

The easiest way to sell your property is to a company such as ourselves. For Speed; We can close in as little as a few weeks. For Convenience; We buy houses as-is, so no repairs or staging needed and there is Certainty: Cash offers from SellTo eliminate the risk of financing falling through. Learn More

How our Cash house buying service works

FAST Cash Sale
Sell in 7-28 Days
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ZERO Legal Fees
ZERO Stress
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After an independent valuation, we will make you a free, no-obligation cash offer for your house.
Step 3
Completion Date
If you choose to accept our formal cash offer, you decide the date for sale completion that best suits your needs.
Step 4
Get Paid
On your chosen completion date, the house sale is legally completed and the money is transferred to you.

We will work FAST to find you the best solution - so you can sell your property quickly at the BEST possible price...

We offer 2 different options depending on your desired timescales and price expectations. This means we can easily identify and work towards your goals...


For you if speed of sale is more important than price.


We realise that many of our homeowner clients do not have the luxury of time when selling up. You may simply be looking for a quick and secure sale in the least amount of time possible. You may also not wish to deal with estate agents, viewings, mortgages falling through and buyers messing them about. Starting out as a traditional we buy any house company, SellTo now offer a much broader service. Our priority is to cater to the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Please contact us today so we can discuss how our sell house fast process works, get you a valuation and firm cash offer promptly.


For you if you want to sell quick without the need to discount.


Selling at auction has evolved considerably in recent years and people like you are now getting amazing results. Here at SellTo, we can get your property listed in days and we ensure all properties that we send to auction get the very best exposure. We are available to deal with enquiries and show buyers around properties and we also fully vet the bidders to ensure they are in a genuine position to proceed with the sale. The beauty of the auction service is that once the hammer falls, the buyer is obliged to complete. Failure to do so results in heavy financial penalties (hence why buyers complete the sale quickly.)